Fibre reinforced rapid setting cement based self levelling compound

• Fibre reinforced, suitable on plywood overlay
• Suitable on underfloor heating
• Fast curing, foot traffic after 2-3 hours*
• Flexible, polymer modified
• Low emission
• Easy to process, can be pump applied
• For layers 3-50 mm thick
• For interior application only


* Data references taken on floating screeds with thickness ≤ 5 cm at 23°C an 50% of relative humidity


MULTIPLAN 50-FI is used for smoothening and levelling in layers of 1-50 mm thick. Suitable substrates are concrete floors in accordance with DIN 1045, heated and unheated cementbased screeds in accordance with DIN 18560, old, well bonded tile finishes and rapid cement-based screeds. MULTIPLAN 50-FI is also suitable for use on plywood overlay, on chipboard and on old wooden floorboards as well.

• On timber floor boards;
• On old substrates with bonded adhesive and levelling compound residues;
• For the restoration and repair of wooden floors and additionally for screeds and substrates in old and new construction;
• For producing flat, absorbent, high strength installation surfaces for textile and elastic floor finishes as well as for ceramic tiles;
• Suitable for use on heated substrates.