Patented epoxy grout that offers durability, stain protection, resistant to molds and microorganisms, available in 52 colours


• Non-absorbent
• Equipped with anti-microbial technology
• Stain, mould and acid resistant
• 52 colour options available + 5 additional sparkle finish options with dazzle component
• For interior, exterior and submerged applications
• Easy to maintain and clean to the original colour
• Uniform colour - no blotchiness or shading
• Tough, durable and crack resistant
• Resistant to chemical and mechanical loads
• Does not require sealing
• Suitable for large format tiles and slabs
• For joints from 1 - 12 mm wide
• Suitable for heated floors and walls
• Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles

• Odourless, extraordinary ease of use
• Easy to remove excess product during application due to unique composition
• Extended workability, 80 minutes working time at 21°C
• Ideal for installations at wide temperature ranges; application temperature from 10°C to 35°C

• EN 13888 RG, ANSI A118.3-1999


Can be used for grout joints from 1 to 12 mm wide on tiled floors and walls in: bathrooms, showers, saunas, spas, swimming pools (even with saliters of water), laboratory benches, kitchen counters, hospitals, or anywhere where a grout with colour uniformity, hygiene, durability and ease of cleaning is needed.


DEKOGROUT-3K is available in 5,28 kg buckets containing:
• 1 Part A white paste, component 0,60 kg
• 1 Part B Liquid, component 0,60 kg
• 1 Part C quartz, box component 4,08 kg