Flexible, two-component mortar for waterproofing application. Grey and white versions available

ACQUASHIELD+ is a two-component mortar consisting of high resistance cements, fine aggregates with graded particle size (less than 0,3 mm), special additives (component A) and synthetic polymers in aqueous dispersion (component B). Easy to apply on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, it offers outstanding adhesion. The product is especially recommended to waterproof balconies, terraces and water tanks, and can also be used on old substrates whose aging is due to water, salts and frost; it protects also cement plasters, concrete manufactures, even in contact with ground, as well as cement screeds on terraces, balconies and swimming pools.
• EN 14891 CM 


• Waterproof and flexible levelling-off for cement based sub bases even with uneven surfaces
• Waterproof, flexible, skimming on cement-based plasters, even if cracked
• Waterproof coating of walls in contact with the ground, foundations and lift-shafts
• Waterproofing of baths, showers, balconies, terraces, and swimming pools before the ceramic tiles laying
• Waterproofing of water tanks
• Waterproof flexible coat on plaster-board • Protection and total waterproofing of screeds in terraces and balconies
• Waterproofing on pre-existing tile floors
• White version: used on the back of marble tiles as protection against superficial stains