Silicone joint sealant

• Contains fungicide
• Elastic
• Resistant to weathering and aging
• Waterproof
• Resistant to chemicals and chlorine
• For interiors and exteriors
• One component
• Solvent free
• Non slump
• Smooth paste consistency
• For walls and floors
• Conform : ISO 11600-G-25LM

Single component, elastic adhesive sealer, sylicon based; crosslinkage “acetic” for reaction, at environmental temperature, with humidity contained in the air (with consequent development of acetic acid).


DEKOSIL is used in sanitary applications for sealing connecting joints between tiled finishes and wash-basins, bath-tubs, shower trays, architraves and window frames; furthermore for sealing movement joints in wall and floor areas. For interior and exterior use. Not suitable for aquariums. Not suitable for jointing natural stone or in underwater areas. Sealing of joints between glass, ceramic, aluminium, rigid plastics. Suitable for the application in car industry, ship industry building, health and sanitation, for furnishing (bars, shops, kitchen) etc…