Hydrophobic treatment for cement and lime-based products, brick and natural stone

• Perfect on rough and exposed plaster
• Waterproofing of cement joints
• Easy to use
• Effective and lasting protection
• Prevents the formation of white salts
• Ecological

Hydrophobic treatment for cement and lime-based products, brick and natural stone. Eco-friendly and practically odourless white liquid consisting of siloxanes in a solvent-free aqueous solution. On drying, BENFERDROP becomes completely transparent and invisible, leaving the original appearance and colour of treated surfaces unaffected. The product’s superior water repellent properties protect substrates from troublesome infiltrations of water that can result in blooming and permanent damp, or cause parts of the substrate itself to break off or crumble due to frost. BENFERDROP will not produce unsightly white efflorescence on treated surfaces.


Gaps: BENFERDROP has been designed for use on the gaps of wall and floor tiles grouted with cementbased sealants, especially in areas subject to frequent washing or hosing, etc. As BENFERDROP contains no solvents, it can also be applied to joints and gaps filled with sealant containing CEMLATEX GIUNTI, with no risk of damage to the resins.
Fair-faced brick and natural stone facades:
Applied to stone and brickwork, BENFERDROP immediately repels water, causing it to run off the surface or gather in droplets that will subse- quently evaporate.
Plaster, cement-based skimming and self- levelling compounds: Prevents the absorption of water caused by frequent washing or hosing, improves the water-repellent properties of skimmed and self-levelled surfaces left unpainted, and facilitates cleaning.
Protection from staining aqueous substances: Significantly limits the absorption of staining substances including ink, vinegar, coffee etc. both by gaps and by tiles, so that tiled surfaces soil less easily.
Prevention of efflorescence: As long as the trouble is not due to seepage or rising damp, BENFERDROP will prevent the formation of salts on walls while maintaining breathability.
Areas with restricted air circulation: Solvent free BENFERDROP is also suitable for application in areas where the circulation of air is limited (such as interiors).