Acid cleaner

• Cleaning hardened encrustations of cement or tile adhesives and grouts from brick, cotto, ceramic tiles, fully vitrified stoneware, natural stone, concrete, sanitary ware
• Cleaning efflorescence from cotto, tiles between tiles, plaster, etc.
• Cleaning cement mixers, scaffolding, cranes and other building site equipment
• Cleaning stainless steel or chrome parts, or removing superficial rust

BENFERCLEAN is an acid cleaner consisting of an inorganic acid solution with corrosion inhibitors. It is suitable for cleaning hardened encrustations of cement, lime scale and efflorescence from brickwork, ceramic tiles, cotto, cured cement, sanitary ware. At the correct concentration, BENFERCLEAN is a mildly aggressive solution that acts slowly and progressively to dissolve encrustations, avoiding violent chemical attack on more soluble materials. This allows its penetrative action to be suitably checked, especially on gaps, joints and fair-faced concrete. Once the excess cleaner has been washed off with water, the dissolving action stops immediately, preventing the damage that cleaners can often leave behind. The inclusion of corrosion inhibitors means also that Benferclean can be used on anodized aluminium, stainless steel and chrome without the risk of unwanted aggressive attack.