Multi function grout, ideal for big formats. Excellent for porcelain, natural or synthetic stone

+ Nice: smooth, compact surface
+ Durable: easy to clean and resistant to chemical and mechanical stress
+ Healthy: certified EC1 with low emission of volatile organic substances
+ Water repellent, resistant to mold and bacteria
+ Versatile: for internal and external use and for surfaces subject to continuous immersion
+ Quick and easy to apply: long life paste (45’), but practicable in 6 hours

It is possible to clean immediately after application without waiting.
For seams of up to 10 mm width, perfect for rectified tiles.
For floors and walls with heating systems.
Colours matched to the DEKOSIL silicone system.

Fulfils the requirements of EN 13888, CG2WA

DEKOGROUT+ is a special rapid hardening hybrid powder grout made from cementt, high tech polymers, aggregates with selected granulometry and special additives; ideal for grouting ceramic floors and walls of every kind, on a great variety of different supports, possessing exceptional waterproofing capabilities and resistance to chemical and mechanical aggression agents. Formulated to harden quickly with no shrinkage, it is suitable for grouting even delicate natural stone products otherwise subject to discoloration or dimensional variations. DEKOGROUT+ is more resistant to stains, mold and bacteria and guarantees a superior appearance, resistance to aging and cleaning of seams. DEKOGROUT+ is available in 15 colors.


DEKOGROUT+ can be used for seams in interior and exterior areas, for vitrified mosaics, every type and format of ceramic tiles and natural stone, even that subject to dimensional variations and discoloration. DEKOGROUT+ can be used for seams up to 10 mm in bathrooms, showers, terraces, rooms, balconies and patios, as well as facades, swimming pools, commercial areas, on floating and heated screeds, everywhere you wish to cover with superior beauty, durability, hygiene and cleaning characteristics.