Liquid applied, fast setting, elastomeric waterproof membrane

• Rapid hardening allows to tile two hours after second coat application*
• It is not necessary to use waterproofing tape to connect plans to be coated provided the gap is 3 mm or lower
• Excellent crack bridging properties, it seals directly cracks and seams not structural up to 3 mm wide
• Bonds directly to metal, ABS and PVC plumbing fixtures only
• Inside and outside for showers, bathrooms, wellness centres, jacuzzi, swimming pools, kitchens, balcony and terraces.
• High yield: 5.30 sqm per 5 kg and 10.50 sqm per 10 kg bucket

• Extremely tender and fast to apply, it require the same effort of a paint
• Once dry it change colour from light green to olive green, to make easier tile application
• No solvents
• Low VOC emission
• Bucket shape allows roller to get in

*at +23°C e 50% relative humidity


• Classified “extra heavy service” according to ASTM C627 Robinson floor test
• Conforms to EN 14891 DMO1P, ANSI A118.12
• Equipped with anti-microbial technology Microban® to protect the treated article