Flexible two component polymer-modified waterproofing cementitious coating

• Crack bridging ≥ 2,60 mm
• Easy to use - can be brush, spray, roller or trowel applied
• Vapour permeable
• Waterproof - resistant to 5 bar (positive side water pressure)
• Can be tiled or left uncoated
• UV, weather and freeze-thaw resistant
• Bonds well to damp substrates without priming
• Ecological
• Approx. mentally friendly
• Resistant to concrete aggressive water according to DIN 4030
• Potable water approval according to DVGW W347
• Root resistance acc. to Swiss Society of Engineers & Architects: SIA V 280 no.11
• Conforms to EN14891

ACQUASHIELD-2KF is a flexible elastomeric, 2-comp. polymer modified coating that waterproofs and protects concrete, masonry, brick and some natural stone substrates with crack-bridging properties. ACQUASHIELD-2KF has excellent adhesion characteristics and provides a seamless system which can be left as the finished surface, or can be top-coated with tiles, pavers, paint, or other coatings.


For waterproofing water structures, sewage treatment plants, exterior basement walls, retaining walls, swimming pools, fountains, aquarium & zoo tanks, spillways, wet areas, under tiled applications, exposed and decoupled roofs and sealing of expansion and construction joints with BSWTAPE.