One component, flexible cementitious and polymers waterproofing slurry

• Seamless and jointless flexible crack-bridging waterproof system
• Suitable for all load-bearing substrates usual in construction
• Hydraulic setting
• Simple efficient application
• Can be applied by brush, trowel or suitable spray equipment
• Vapour permeable, resistant to frost, UV and ageing
• Structural waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18195 part 2 table 8
• Low consumption just 2,3 kg/m²
• Conforms to EN14891

Waterproofing adherent flexible cementitious and polymers waterproofing system for tiles with crack-bridging and low consumption.


Bonded waterproofing system for tiles: for secure and effective waterproofing beneath tiles, where impermeability to water is required for longer term to constant water exposure e.g. in domestic bathrooms and kitchens, private and communal washrooms, on terraces and balconies. Wall and floor junctions are reinforced with the incorporation of BSWTAPE. ACQUASHIELD-1KF is suitable for damp areas classified as A1/A2 in conformity with criteria of technical tests, and in for damp areas classified as 0/ A01/A02 in conformity with ZDB information sheets (*1).