Waterproof sealing tape

• Water impermeable
• Elastic
• UV stabilized
• Resistant to weathering
• Alkali resistant


BSWTAPE ECO is used for the formation of flexible, water impermeable movement joints and connecting joints beneath tiles within e.g. ACQUASHIELD-GEL, ACQUASHIELD-1KF, ACQUASHIELD-2KF, ACQUASHIELD FAST . BSWTAPE ECO is easy to use and forms an intimate bond with the above named waterproof systems. BSWTAPE ECO can be used in wet duty classes A0 and B0 in accordance with the ZDB information sheet “Bonded waterproof membranes”. BSWTAPE ECO fulfills the requirements of the test principles of the DIBt and the information sheet “Bonded waterproof membranes” that relate to the conditions in damp duty classes A and C.