Sealing tape for general requirements - Angles 90° int/ext - Joint sleeve wall/floor

• High quality composite material, expandable, tear-proof, waterproof, water vapour permeable
• For the waterproofing of expansion and dilatation joints in sealing layers of ACQUASHIELD-GEL, ACQUASHIELD-2KF, ACQUASHIELD
• For all types of surfaces in fields of construction, which are to be tiled or for waterproofing layers which have been skilfully prepared.

BSWTAPE is a new type of composite material, expandable, tensile, stable, waterproof but allows intrusion of water vapour diffusion pores. It guarantees the fast drying of water-containing tile adhesives and water proofing layers. BSWTAPE is highly resistant to aggressive substances. BSWTAPE is a product according to the ZDB-leaflet “Instructions for the application of waterproofing layers in composite with covering and panelling of tiles and panels for interior and exterior use”.


We recommend its use e.g. in bathrooms and kitchens, in living accommodation, private and public sanitary facilities, balconies and terraces. We recommend its use in swimming pools, in all wet areas, wall/floor junctions in areas in direct contact with the ground, as well as for structural movement joints. BSWTAPE is suitable for use in interior rooms in accordance with the AgBB evaluation scheme (Committee for health related evaluation of building products), French VOC by-law and GEV EMICODE.