Two components, flexible waterproof coating for balconies, terraces, swimming pools, concrete artifacts

• Total and long-lasting protection and waterproofing of screed on balconies and terraces
• Waterproofing of swimming pools, baths, showers before the installation of ceramic tiles
• Waterproof coating on walls in contact with the ground, foundations and lift-shafts
• Waterproof coating of water tanks
• Waterproofing on old ceramic floors
• Conforms to EN 14891


Two-component mortar consisting of cements, fine aggregates with graded particle size, special additives (Component A) and synthetic polymers in aqueous dispersion (Component B). Easy to apply on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, it offers outstanding adhesion. The formula was created to protect from aging due to the action of water, salts, frost, cementitious plasters and artifact in concrete, even in contact with ground, as well as cementitious screeds in external places: terraces, balconies and swimming pools.