Waterproof slurry

• Rigid waterproof cement-based coating
• Composed by quartz sand, Portland cement and additives. Does not contain material that may have negative effects on cement or reinforced cement
• Easy hardening process; becomes rigid; in case of possible surface cracks you may use ACQUASHIELD-2KF

Surface must be clean, solid and accurately analyzed. It must be free of oily materials, dust, holes, cracks and irregular parts. ACQUASHIELD-1K is ideal for smooth cement, screeds, asphalt mastic, plaster and masonry panels. Greenery covered, concrete surfaces for channel blocks and sanitations; Precast concrete blocks must be plastered with cement mortar BENFERCURE-VARIO or ACQUASHIELD-2KF. Use right methods to prepare supports according to their condition, for example brushing it, cleaning, roughing, grinding, or cleaning with a high-pressure water clean.


Waterproofing on concrete, walls and plaster, for internal and external use, in the following areas of application:
• Civil engineering: underground construction, sanitations, water tanks, swimming pools, pits
• Buildings: cellars
• Buildings in contact with water: tunnels, swimming pools, channels and containment walls
• Restoration of buildings: old buildings and not waterproof against damp and water penetrating from the exterior