Waterproof slurry

• Rigid waterproof cement-based coating
• Composed by quartz sand, Portland cement and additives. Does not contain material that may have negative effects on cement or reinforced cement
• Easy hardening process; becomes rigid; in case of possible surface cracks you may use ACQUASHIELD-2KF
• Application schedule against aqueous solutions aggressive to concrete in accordance with DIN 4030

Surface must be clean, solid and accurately analyzed. It must be free of oily materials, dust, holes, cracks and irregular parts. ACQUASHIELD-1K is ideal for smooth cement, screeds, asphalt mastic, plaster and masonry panels. Greenery covered, concrete surfaces for channel blocks and sanitations; Precast concrete blocks must be plastered with cement mortar BENFERCURE-VARIO or ACQUASHIELD-2KF. Use right methods to prepare supports according to their condition, for example brushing it, cleaning, roughing, grinding, or cleaning with a high-pressure water clean.


Waterproofing on concrete, walls and plaster, for internal and external use, in the following areas of application:
• Civil engineering: underground construction, sanitations, water tanks, swimming pools, pits
• Buildings: cellars
• Buildings in contact with water: tunnels, swimming pools, channels and containment walls
• Restoration of buildings: old buildings and not waterproof against damp and water penetrating from the exterior