Self levelling - Rapid setting cement based mortar for screed with fluid consistency

• Fluid cement based screed from 0,8 cm to 8 cm
• For floating screed, fluid
• Walkable in 3 hours*
• Ready for tiles in 24 hours*
• Thickness from 3 cm to 8 cm for heated screeds
• Easy to apply and cost saving thanks to its fluid consistency
• The long workability time (45 minutes*), allows the application without pump
• Reinforcement mesh not necessary
• Can be worked with mixing machine, pump or cement mixer
• Internal use

* at 23°C an 50% of relative humidity, Data referred to a floating screed 5-6 cm thick , ventilated area.

SOLIDONE FLUIDO FAST is a mixture of special cements, synthetic additives and selected aggregates for the preparation of fast drying screed exempt from shrinkage, classified according to EN 13813, such as CT C40-F7 A1 fl. Thanks to its composition, mixed at the work site with water, it becomes a fluid mortar and allows the fast and safe construction of floating screed (even heated) from 0,8 to 8 centimeters thick, with little manpower. Important characteristics are the absence of crazing and fissures even when applied in different thickness (on heating systems). Very useful as self-levelling (min.8 mm), because very cheap.