Primer for absorbent substrates

• For absorbent substrates
• For interior and exterior use
• Ready to use
• Solvent free
• Rapid drying
• Low emissions
• Consolidates dusty and inconsistent substrates
• Ideal for cement based plaster or gypsum
• Ideal for cement based screeds or anhydrite
• Ideal for wooden supports
• Ideal for cement artefacts
• Ideal to avoid dust
• Ideal for treatment of the back part of marble slabs, to avoid stains and color variations

BENFERPRIM is a primer based on styrene butadiene polymer dispersion,  designed to consolidate weak and dusty substrates. Once dry, it offers a good surface to Benfer tile adhesives, self levelling and waterproofing on all absorbent substrates common in building. It improves surface hardness and reduces water absorption to avoid a too fast water loss to the mortar applied on it.


Suitable to use on all absorbent substrates common in building, such us cement based renders, gypsum plasters, cement based and anhydrite based screeds, normal and moisture resistant plasterboards, cement based panels, brickwork, aerated concrete, lime-sand blocks, cement, calcium sulphate and poured asphalt screeds, levelling compounds, natural stone and wooden boards. BENFERPRIM can be applied on the back side of natural stones, marble or absorbent granite stone to reduce the appearance of stains and superficial halos.