Shower tanking system kit

• Easy to use
• Suitable for concrete, gypsum, plasterboard, wood and plaster

Primer BENFERPRIM 1 kg
Highly flexible paste ACQUASHIELD-GEL 5 kg
Flexible jointing tape for 6,25 ml
Plastic gloves
Plastic cover


EASYBATH is a complete set to waterproof the substrate before tiles application in showers, toilets, kitchens, and in the rooms subjects to frequent washing. The waterproofing action is provided by ACQUASHIELD-GEL, which becomes, with the waterproofing tape, a permanent waterproofing barrier. BENFERPRIM primer is supplied as accessory to prepare in the best manner the substrates and should be absolutely used on Gypsum, plaster, plasterboards and wooden boards. It provide a better adhesion on all the substrates. EASYBATH KIT allows to waterproof 5,8 m², which correspond to the surface of a 3 walls shower 80 x 80 cm, 200 cm high.