Elastic joint sealing adhesive

• Elastic 1-component polyurethane joint sealing pigmented adhesive
• High elasticity and stable to light and UV
• Has good resistance to acid and alkalis in solution, saline solution, neutral water based detergents, as well as warm oils and greasy liquids

DEKOFLEX-PU is a thixotropic, polyurethane elastic one component joint sealer, low-modules, it vulcanizes thanks to humidity which is normally present in the air. With DEKOFLEX-PU you can create highly resistant seals, especially resistant to atmospheric agents.


DEKOFLEX-PU is used as sealer for floor joints in heavy duty spaces such as industries, alehouses, food industries, industrial kitchens, dairies, balconies, terraces as well as concrete elements (with movements up to15-20% of joint wideness).