Two part antiacid adhesive-grouting mixture for joints

Bi-component anti-acid sealer-adhesive. It is a special bi-component product based on epoxy resins, select quartz and special additives, suitable for gluing and filling all types of ceramic floor and wall coverings on a variety of supports, with exceptional waterproof qualities and resistance to chemical and mechanical aggression. Designed to harden rapidly and without shrinkage and easy to clean with water, EPOXYJOINT is available in various colors that enhance the appearance of the coverings and guarantee resistance to aging andjoint cleanliness that is not possible with traditional grouts.


Execution of joints in all types of ceramic floor and wall coverings (excluding those with absorbent surfaces) up to 10 mm of width in:
• environments for food preparation use (dairies, butcheries, wine canteens, dressed pork factories, cheese factories)
• swimming pools and tanks containing chemically aggressive liquids
• laboratory counters, kitchen counters, hospitals
• anyplace where a covering that is long lasting, easy to clean and attractive is desired