Two part non absorbent waterproof adhesive-grouting mixture. Igienic, acid, stain, bacteria and mould resistant. Beautiful finish, easy to apply, low consumption

• Antibacterial and mould resistant
• Perfect for rectified tiles
• Water repellent
• Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
• Good application and wash-off properties
• Smooth surface and wide colour range (24 colours)
• Resistant to chemical and mechanical loads
• For interior, exterior and under water
• Fulfils the requirements of EN 13888, RG and EN12004 R2T
• For joints from 1 -10 mm wide
• Suitable for floor and wall heating
• Colours matched to the DEKOSIL silicone system

DEKOGROUT-2K is a special two part product with an epoxy resin base, selected quartzes and special additives suitable for laying and grouting all types of ceramic floorings and coverings onto a wide variety of bases, waterproof and resistant to chemical and mechanical loads. Designed to harden rapidly and without shrinking, easy to use and clean with water, DEKOGROUT-2K is waterproof, non-absorbent, acid, stain, bacteria and mould resistant. It guarantees an aspect and a resistance to aging and a cleanliness of the joint that can not be obtained with traditional grouts. DEKOGROUT-2K is available in 24 colours plus a clear version which can be enriched with coloured glitter to give a “metallic” effect to enhance the beauty of the covering.


Fixing all types of glass mosaic and tiles and making all types of joint from 1 to 10 mm wide on tiled floors and covers (except for absorbent surfaces) in:
bathrooms, showers, saunas, spas, thermal centres, swimming pools (even with see water), laboratory benches, kitchen benches, hospitals, everywhere you want to accomplish a coating with some features of higher duration, cleaning facility and beauty.