High strength, flexible cement-based grout

• High strength, cement-based grout
• Increased abrasion resistance
• Water repellent
• Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
• Mould resistant
• Resistant to high pressure cleaning
• For interior, exterior and under water
• Fulfils the requirements of EN 13888, CG2WA
• For joints from 3 - 30 mm wide
• Vapour permeable
• Good application and wash-off properties
• Suitable for floor and wall heating
• Colourways matched to the DEKOSIL silicone system

Special flexible grout, rapid setting, for joints from 3 - 30 mm wide. The grouts DEKOGROUT-HF 1/30 are composed by special cements, aggregates with selected granulometry and additives and they are studied to harden quickly and with minimum shrinkage, until they develop high mechanical resistance, good flexibility and minimum water absorption, as well as pleasant aesthetic effect.


Due to its high mechanical performance and abrasion resistance, DEKOGROUT-HF 1/30 is especially suitable for grouting tiles in swimming pools, washing plants, commercial kitchens, sales rooms, commercial areas, industrial areas and workshops. Furthermore, DEKOGROUT-HF 1/30 can be used on heated and flow screeds in bathrooms, showers and living rooms, on terraces, balconies and loggias as well as facades. DEKOGROUT-HF 1/30 can be used in heavy-duty areas e.g. where cleaning equipment, high pressure steam cleaning or scouring vacuums are present. Furthermore, the dense grout joints give increased resistance to cleaning chemicals. Neutral or alkaline cleaners can be used unrestrictedly. DEKOGROUT-HF 1/30 has increased resistance to acidic cleaners.