High-resistance, anti-shrinkage fibre-reinforced, thixotropic cement mortar, for structural restoration of deteriorated concrete

• Repair of concrete columns
• Repair of under-surfaces of concrete balconies
• Repair and finishing of concrete walls with defects such as ballast nests and holes caused by spacers
• Repairs of concrete deteriorated by weather and the corrosion of steel reinforcement bars
• Repairs of concrete industrial ramps and floors
• Shaving of concrete screeds before the laying tiled floors
• Conforms to EN 1504-3 Class R3

BENFERCURE PLUS is a cement mortar in powder composed of high-resistance concrete, selected gradation aggregate, synthetic resin, fibres and special additives. Its highresistance formulation has been created and developed for the rapid and safe repair of horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces while at the same time restoring the mechanical resistance. It is easy to work and has a high thixotropy allowing application of coats up to 4 cm, even vertically. Once hardened, thanks to the excellent adhesion to the sub-base and the elasticity and water-resistance, it guarantees a long life span even on surfaces subject to abrasion from intense traffic. BENFERCURE PLUS can be applied with a trowel or brush, even vertically, up to a maximum thickness of four centimetres per coat for two coats. The surfaces can be finished with a trowel while the mortar is setting or later with BENFERFINISH.