Special adhesive highly resistant

• Overlapping internal old floors
• Extra white
• High resistance to sliding
• Application without the need for spacers
• Perfect for glass and ceramic mosaics
• Perfect for Klinker and thick floor coverings
• Its smooth consistency reduces fatigue
• Long open time
• FLEXIBLE, deformability > 1,8 mm
• Mixed with CEMLATEX 600 conforms to EN12004 C2 TE S2

This product improvable with CEMLATEX 600


BENFERGRIP C2TE is a highly tixotropic adhesive in powder consisting of highly resistant cement, selected granulometry quartz, synthetic resins and special new generation additives. Its formula was conceived and developed for rapid and safe installation of all ceramic materials, even from top to bottom.
• It has been formulated to develop high resistance to slippage when fixing wall tiles
• Tiles can be fixed without spacers, and working from the top down.
• BENFERGRIP C2TE's special formula creates a thixotropic adhesive, which remains soft during mixing, spreading and tiling, but regains consistency immediately afterwards
• BENFERGRIP C2TE has a long open time, which is indispensable in ensuring that the tile backs are properly wetted through the action of the special additives, and allowing its use in a softer state than traditional adhesives without loss of vertical bonding power
• BENFERGRIP C2TE white does not contain sand and therefore it is particularly suitable also for laying glass mosaic.

Laying of porcelain, not absorbing single-fired tiles, ceramic and glass mosaic and humidity stable natural stones on:
• Interior and exterior wall and floor
• Public and private swimming pools with the addition of CEMLATEX 600