Special adhesive highly resistant, thixotropic, hight strength and long open time

• Overlapping internal old floors
• Extra white
• High resistance to sliding
• Application without the need of spacers
• Perfect for glass and ceramic mosaics
• Perfect for Klinker and thick floor coverings
• Its smooth consistency reduces fatigue
• Long open time
• Tested in accordance with EN 12004, C2 TE
• Mixed with CEMLATEX 600 conforms to EN12004 C2 TE S2
• FLEXIBLE, deformability > 2 mm

Certificate QB n° 151 MC 332
This product improvable with CEMLATEX 600
Hi-tech adhesive, extra-white, with no vertical sliding, frost-proof. Perfect for laying mosaic (glass, marble, porcelain), porcelain tiles and single-fired wall and floor tiles. Laying of thick floor coverings. High final resistances and extended open time.


Laying of porcelain, single fired and non-absorbent tiles, glass and ceramic mosaic, stable natural stones:
• for Interior and exterior walls and floors
• suitable for heavy duty areas (with CEMLATEX 600)
• private and public swimming pools (with CEMLATEX 600)