Flexible adhesive, rapid setting, rapid hardening

• Suitable for use on plywood overlay
• Ideal for porcelain ceramic and natural stone
• Ideal for large format tiles
• For internal and external use
• Extra white and grey
• Increased flexibility
• Quick setting
• Application thickness up to 15 mm
• Tested in accordance with EN 12004  C2 FTE S1

This product improvable with CEMLATEX 600

BENFERFLEX RAPIDO is a flexible adhesive with high strength cements, graded particle size aggregates, special sintetic resins and additives. Its formula has been studied and developed to lay quickly and safely marble, gres, natural stones, porcelain and ceramic tiles even on non-absorbent and variable surfaces. Suitable for application on wooden boards, chipboard, plywood.


Laying of rapid hardening porcelain stoneware, one-fired ceramic tiles and water stable natural stones on:
• Interior and exterior walls and floors
• Heavy duty areas
• Wooden surfaces subject to oscillation
• Heated screed with warming water system or electric system