Slide resistant special adhesive with long open time

• High yield
• Interior and exterior wall and floor
• Perfect for porcelain tiles 
This product improvable with CEMLATEX 600

BENFERFIX C2TE is a highly thixotropic adhesive in powder consisting of highly resistant cement, selected quartz granulometry, synthetic resins and special new generation additives.
• Its formula was conceived and developed for rapid and safe installation of all ceramic materials, even from top to bottom.
• Tiles can be fixed without spacers, and working from the top down.
• BENFERFIX C2TE has a long open time, which is indispensable in ensuring that the tile backs are properly wetted through the action of the special additives, and allowing its use in a softer state than traditional adhesives without loss of vertical bonding power.



Laying of porcelain, not absorbing single-fired tiles, ceramic and glass mosaic and humidity stable natural stones on:
• Interior and exterior wall and floor