Epoxy-polyurethane flexible, two part adhesive

A two part white adhesive consisting of epoxy-polyurethane resins, graded particle size aggregates and special additives. It has been formulated and developed for rapid, reliable installation of almost all marble, granite, natural stone, marble agglomerate and tiles in composite marble with polyester resins or cements, including on non-absorbent substrates or substrates subject to slight dimensional variation. A special waterless composition makes this product especially suitable where there is a need to avoid the risk of irreparable staining, not least on porous varieties of marble, and prevent the possible deformation of reconstituted marble tiles. For interior and exterior application.


• Floor and wall installation of marble, marble agglomerate and composite marble tiles, including low thickness tiles
• Interior floor and wall tiling, exterior walls and floors and in swimming pool, in granite and natural stones, including on underfloor heating
• Tiling over existing internal ceramic or wood floors
• Tiling on steel substrates, which must first be sanded
• Tiling on gypsum and anhydrite substrates, without the preventative application of primer