Rapid-setting, self-levelling system for floating thin screeds

• System composed of thin reinforcement mesh and fast-setting, free-flowing screed mortar
• Minimal thickness of 15 mm
• Walkable after only 3 hours*
• Ready for tiling in 24 hours*
• Suitable over heated substrate
• Easy to use, free-flowing
• Can be used with traditional mixing machines and pumps
• For interior application
• Tested in accordance with EN 13813 CT C40 – F7 A1 fl


* at 23°C and 50% relative humidity, Data referred to a floating screed 5-6 cm thick , ventilated area.



SOLIDONE FLOAT & FAST SYSTEM is an ideal solution for building renovations and restorations as it is easy and quick to install and can be used to produce a flat, built-up surface for the installation of finished flooring. The system is composed of a thin reinforcement mesh and SOLIDONE FLUIDO FAST, a fast-setting, free-flowing screed mortar for use in levelling and building up interior substrates. For interior professional use.