Injection resin for the waterproofing of water-bearing cracks

• For injection of cracks, and joints made of concrete or natural stone subjected to water action
• Suitable to stop water infiltration in cracks and construction joints
• To compact granular stones
• ACQUASHIELD-PU-INJ Fulfills the requirements of the German DfBT norms in “valuation of the effect of construction materials on water, in concrete and in the ground”.
• Ready to use

ACQUASHIELD-PU INJ is a highly reactive, one component modified isocyanates ready to use without mixing.
ACQUASHIELD-PU INJ foams with water contact by high increase in volume and becomes a firm viscoelastic foam, which seals temporarily against further water penetration.
ACQUASHIELD-PU INJ is resistant against acids and alkalis and attacks neither bitumen nor joint tapes. In case of very dry surfaces the material does not foam immediately but it hardens slowly due to the steady addition of existing air resp. soil moisture.