Crystalline waterproof slurry

• Penetrates the capillaries in concrete
• Continually active
• Can be applied to damp substrates
• Chloride free
• Resists high levels of hydrostatic pressure
• Carbonisation barrier
• Waterproofs retrospective cracks up to 0,4 mm
• Test certificates to DVGW worksheets W 347 and W 270 are available
• Easy to apply by brush
• Low consumption


• Exterior and interior waterproofing in cellars, lift shafts, foundations, retaining walls.
• Waterproofing containers for drinking and service water, retaining basins, water treatment plants, garages, tunnels etc.
• Waterproofing beneath screeds (unbonded screeds or floating screeds).
An analysis of the water is necessary where the hardness degree is ≤ 3° dH. For the assessment of aggressiveness towards concrete to DIN 4030 the level of lime soluble carbon dioxide is obligatory.