Two-component epoxy resin-based, thixotropic, multipurpose adhesive

BSBOND is a two-component, solvent- free, 100% solids, highmodulus, non-sag, multipurpose bonding agent for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. When mixed BSBOND will give a smooth, paste-like consistency used for structural and waterproof bonding of a wide range of construction substrates.


BSBOND is a multipurpose, structural adhesive typically used for:

• Structural bonding of pre-cast elements such as segmental bridge units, crash barriers, parapets, curbs etc.
• Fixing dowels and starter bars
• Blow hole filling
• Levelling undulated surfaces
• Filling and sealing of static cracks
• Fixing surface injection packers
• Bonding carbon fibre wrap to concrete surfaces
• Adhesive for BS-TAPE-5000