Bentonite expansion waterstop joint with gasket

• Generally approved for use in construction
• No requirement for imperfect edging
• Cause of defects will be reduced
• Self-injecting effect by penetration into cracks and cavities
• Reswellable
• Extremely high, form stability, will not become sticky in summer at
high temperatures
• High inorganic contents, therefore, no material fatigue
• Coated with talcum powder
• Quick, strong and reliable swelling effect

ACQUASHIELD-WS is a well-developed swellable bentonite water stop which is economic and reliable. ACQUASHIELD-WS will create a watertight seal in construction joints subjected to water pressure of up to 7 bars.


AQUAFIN-WS is used for waterproofing construction joints which are permanently or only temporarily subject to ground or surface water infiltration.