Two component, flexible waterproofing coating

• Seamless and jointless, flexible, crack bridging waterproofing compound
• Suitable for all sound conventional construction substrates
• Hydraulic binder
• Rainproof after a short time period
• Ecologic
• Simple economical application
• Bonds without priming on damp substrates
• Can be sprayed with suitable equipment, brush or trowel applied, easy to use
• Vapour permeable, frost and resistant to ageing
• Water impermeable to 7 bar
• Resistant to water aggressive to concrete in accordance with DIN 4030
• As a tanking system beneath tiling
• General technical test certificate available


External waterproofing of new and existing buildings in the ground against ground moisture, water including under pressure (with suitable construction), horizontal damp proofing beneath brickwork, internal waterproofing against negative moisture pressure, weathered or planted concrete cold roofs of subterranean garages, prefabricated garages, containers, service water containers, sewage and waste water containers and canalisation, waterproofing beneath tiles under moderate and heavy duty water use, in damp environments, on balconies and terraces, in swimming pools. As an adhesive for BSWTAPE.