Waterproof membrane

• Waterproofing beneath tiles in damp areas and damp rooms as well as commercial kitchens. Can be used on all wall and floor construction materials suitable for wet duty applications
• For waterproofing surfaces that need to be tiled quickly
• Technical approval for humid palces duty classifications A1, A2 and C


PLURIPROOF is used for waterproofing beneath ceramic tile, natural stone and synthetic stone finishes in bathrooms, kitchens, private and public wash rooms (such as e.g. in hotels, sports complexes and old people homes and care homes). PLURIPROOF is suitable for wet duty classification areas A1, A2 and C in accordance with building authority test criteria and the damp duty classification areas 0, A01, A02 in accordance with the ZDB information sheet “Advice on the installation of bonded waterproofing with tiled finishes in internal and external areas.” Furthermore PLURIPROOF Can be used for waterproofing in buildings with traffic loadings up to 3.5 KN/m², point loads in accordance with DIN 1055-3 up to 2KN. High dynamic loading (such as e.g. continuous vehicular traffic) is excluded. Fine, non-penetrating hairline cracks on the surface of the substrate of < 0.1 mm are acceptable and can be directly bridged with PLURIPROOF.