Hydrophobic flow bed adhesive, rapid setting

• Tested according to DIN EN 12004, C2FTE S1
• Water repellent
• Rapid setting
• Easy to use
• Polymer modified
• For interior and exterior use
• Rapid hardening
• Thixotropic
• Efficient application

MATADHESIVE is used as a thin-bed adhesive, for work under time constraints, for the largely void free bedding in particular with profiled or large format tiles. MATADHESIVE a largely void free installation is possible in one operation where the application of the adhesive to the rear of the tile can be omitted if suitable installation techniques are used.


MATADHESIVE is suitable as a thin-bed adhesive for the installation of vitrified, earthenware, clinker, mosaics and natural stone, materials not sensitive to discoloration or not translucent, especially on PLURIPROOF and BS WATERMAT. Observe the specific properties of the materials to be installed.