Waterproofing and decoupling membrane

• Waterproofing membrane for balconies and terraces and for bonded waterproofing in combination with tiling in damp areas
• Furthermore as a decoupling membrane for difficult substrates which are at risk of cracking



The BS WATERMAT is used for waterproofing and decoupling ceramic tiled finishes, natural and synthetic stone in interior and exterior areas. BS WATERMAT is suitable for wet duty classes 0, A01, A02 and B0 in accordance with the ZDF data sheet [*1]. In particular, balconies and terraces can be waterproofed with BS WATERMAT as soon as they can take foot traffic – as a rule after 3 to 7 days - and subsequently and without delay covered with tiles. Due to the fleece on the rear, air channels remain beneath that act to equalise vapour pressure and so lead trapped moisture away. Furthermore BS WATERMAT can be used for decoupling in residential dwellings – with vehicular traffic up to 3.5 N/mm² and point loads in accordance with DIN 1055-3 to 2kN. Greater dynamic loads such as e.g. continuous vehicular traffic is excluded. Cracks near to the surface can be directly bridged and decoupled with BS WATERMAT.