Flexibility in waterproofing…

ACQUASHIELD-2KF is a state of the art, highly flexible, protective and waterproof coating, ideal for sealing and coating a wide variety of projects.

ACQUASHIELD-2KF protects and waterproof.
Ideal for sealing and coating a wide variety of projects.
ACQUASHIELD-2KF is flexible.
Not only in its physical properties, but also in terms of application and methods of application. Unmatched flexibility for superior crack bridging capabilities. 
ACQUASHIELD-2KF is resistant.
It is a two-component product resistant to water, moisture and abrasion, and composed of a cementitious powder and solvent free liquid.
ACQUASHIELD-2KF is ideal for every situation.
It has superior adhesion to many substrates, including concrete, brick, masonry and some natural stones.
It is a leader in its class. Major value of elongation of 100%,and bridging cracking
capacity up to 2,6 mm making it the perfect solution for waterproofing substrates prone to movement and cracking.

• Ecological, solvent free
• Applied to dry moist or damp substrates
• Permanently flexible coating, elongation superior to 100%
• Crack bridging up to 2,60 mm
• Resists strong hydrostatic pressure (tested up to 14 bar water head, positive side)
• Withstands pedestrian and light traffic; resists mechanical wear, abrasion and de-icing salts
• Potable water approved


ACQUASHIELD-2KF is applied on new and old substrates to provide a protective, waterproof coating. It is a stand alone product that can be left as a finished surface or easily coated with mortars, stuccos and coatings etc.

Waterproofing with ACQUASHIELD-2KF:
• Swimming pools (tiled and untiled)
• Balconies, parapet walls, planter boxes
• Marine and zoo aquarium tanks
• Mechanical rooms
• Underneath tile mortars in kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
• Balconies, parapet walls, planter boxes
• Plaza decks and patios
• Water and waste water treatment tanks
• Above and below grade, interior or exterior