Anti-sag smoothing mortar, rapid hardening, for walls and floors

• For thicknesses from 2 to 50 mm
• Rapid hardening
• For walls, ceilings and floors
• For interior and exterior use
• Polymer modified
• Low shrinkage
• For internal and external application, even under waterproofing of swimming pools and external areas



For levelling and smoothing uneven mineral-based walls, ceilings and floor areas that are to be waterproofed or tiled. TRIOTECH-50 is suitable for exterior and wet duty areas when an appropriate BENFER bonded waterproof membrane is installed.
The mineral-based substrate must be load-bearing, solid, have a good key and be free from materials acting as separating layers. The load-bearing capacity of the substrate must be appropriate to take loads in accordance with DIN 1055. Separating layers, laitance and similar must be mechanically removed by suitable means e.g. surface abrasive blasting or scabbling. Ensure there is no moisture pressure from the negative side. Shrinkage processes must be largely at an end.