Special primer

• Due to its high density displaces the water from the surface capillaries of concrete substrates and acts as a barrier to oil rising through capillary action.
• Forms a very good bond to damp concrete substrates.
• High Sd value (water vapour barrier).
• Prevents penetration of radon.

REOBASE It's low solvent, moisture tolerant, water vapour barrier


• As a special priming treatment for oil contaminated but previously cleaned concrete substrates
• As effective protection against the formation of osmosis bubbles when there is moisture penetrating from the rear
• As a capillary breaking grout to the pool edge with high level water tables, up to 1:1 filled with 0.1- 0.6 mm quartz sand
• As a priming treatment for concrete/bonded screeds that are still damp, which are to receive floor coverings such as PVC, linoleum, carpet, parquet, tiles etc. Please refer to the advice section
• As a primer for MULTIPLAN-30 and VARIOPLAN-HD