Epoxy primer, two-component, with function of barrier to humidity rising

• Solvent free
• Low viscosity
• Moisture blocking
• Low water vapor emission
• Very low WDD value (to DIN EN ISO 7783-1) = 0,2 g/m2 x d
• Water and frost resistant
• Resistant to dilute alkalis, acids, water-based salt solutions and lubricants
REOBASE-SQ is a two-component epoxy resin solvent free and moisture tolerant. It bonds very well to damp concrete and has a very low WDD value.


REOBASE-SQ is used:
• as a moisture blocking primer on cementitious surfaces, ceramic finishes, multilayered wood boards and similar, that are to be coated with Benfer systems for continuous floors.
• for the production of levelling and key coats, as a substrate preparation for coatings