Polyester fibred, step sound and neutralizing insulation board

• Thickness strengths: 4 mm, 9 mm and 15 mm
• Stable form
• Pressurised
• Environment friendly
• Protected against rotting
• Sound barrier protection up to 29 dB (acc. To DIN 52210)

STEPBOARD is a simple to handle, high pressure, secure neutralizing and renovation board with excellent stepping sound and atmospherical insulating qualities.


STEPBOARD can be applied as a permanent solution for the reducing of step sound, to be insulated under ceramic tiles and slabs, natural stone, cast stone, parquet and laminate flooring for interior applications. 9 mm and 15 mm thick STEPBOARDs are suitable for the correct laying of professional insulation boards on Wooden floors of load carrying capacity. 4 mm STEPBOARDs are suitable for heated flooring. 9 mm and 15 mm thick STEPBOARDs provide heat insulation qualities (please see TDS sheet). For neutralizing of ceramic tile surfaces of load carrying capacity which have been cracked or damaged, for the covering and re-alignment of Interfering expansion joints in upper layers.