Hydraulic binder for fast drying screed (4 days*) with controlled shrinkage

• Floating screed walkable in 6 hours* and dry (humidity < 2%) in 4 days*
• Certainty of implementation time
• Applicable also for renovation of old ceramic floors
• Also for industrial environments subject to heavy or intense traffic
• Better workability
• No shrinkage

SOLIDONE is an hydraulic binder formulated with special high resistance cements and synthetic additives for the preparation of sub-bases exempt from shrinkage. Thanks to its composition, mixed at the work site with fine gravel and water, it permits the combining of adherent and floating screed (also heated) up to 10 centimeters in depth, suited to the laying of ceramic tiles after only 24* hours and wooden and resilient floors after only 4* days. For interior and exteriors.

* at +23°C, 50% relative humidity/mixed with aggregates, see technical data sheet