Waterproofing beneath tiles and slabs finishes

• Solvent free, pigmented two component polyurethane resin
• Elastic with good crack-bridging properties
• Good resistance to chemicals
• Tested to EN 14891, CLASS RM 01 P
• High levels of protection against carbonation
• Impenetrable to chloride ions
• Self internal drying for own reaction
• Available in two colours

REVOFLEX-F and REVOFLEX-W are components of an adherent waterproofing system. They are used as system components in accordance with the test principles for liquid applied waterproofing materials in combination with tiled finishes for the following areas of application/wet duty classification:
• A: Heavy duty from service water and cleaning water to walls (A1) and floors (A2) in wet areas such as swimming pool surrounds and communal showers.
• B: Wall and floor surfaces in swimming pool tanks in interiors and exteriors.
• C: Wall and floor surfaces in industrial areas also where there is chemical exposure. Exceptions being areas associated with materials hazardous to water.