Liquid applied, fast setting, elastomeric waterproof membrane

• Easy to apply single component
• Seamless waterproof membrane system
• Fast curing allows tiling on same day
• Excellent crack bridging properties
• Breathability allows release of trapped moisture
• Tiling should be done with adhesive such as: BENFERFLEX-IT, BENFERFLEX LIGHT,  BENFERFLEX C2, BENFERFLEX+S1
• Conforms to norm EN 14891: DM


• ACQUASHIELD-P is used to waterproof wet rooms such as shower areas, bathrooms, kitchens and sanitary areas in public and private buildings.
• ACQUASHIELD-P is used to waterproof balconies and terraces beneath tiles in temperate climate zones (without long term frost load).
• ACQUASHIELD-P is suitable for fast track job requirements and overcomes the complications associated with intricate waterproofing ng details.
• ACQUASHIELD-P is, however, not suitable for continuous water immersed conditions or as a final exposed waterproof finish.