Self adhesive insulating edging strip

• Universal insulating strip for edging joints
• Prevents sound bridges
• Prevents mortar bridges
• Especially suitable for renovation work

BS-PERIMETRAL is a strip in elastic compact polyethylene, closed cells, used to eliminate sound and mortar bridges. BS- PERIMETRAL can be used in combination with levelling compounds of MULTIPLAN range products, continuous floors systems VARIOPLAN-HD, with screeds of SOLIDONE range products, floor smoothing compounds TRIOTECH and de-coupling systems such as STEPBOARD. BS- PERIMETRAL is equipped with a partial self-adhesive foot so that the edge insulation strip can be well positioned against rising building sections (walls) without leaving adhesive residues behind on the wall. Therefore mortar and sound bridges are eliminated. Suitable for the installation of tiles, parquet and laminate especially in the renovation of apartment blocks.