Brick, synthetic and natural stone wall grout

• Good application and wash-off properties
• Smooth consistency
• Free from quartz sand for grouting sensitive surfaces
• Free from silicosis causing fine quartz dust hazardous to health
• Vapour permeable
• Pigmented
• Polymer modified
• Cures without cracks
• For wall only
• For joint from 5 to 30 mm width



DKWALL is especially suitable for the grouting of traditional brick, listello, synthetic and natural stone wall grout. The soft and creamy consistency allow the application with a compressed air gun or a plastic bag and the initial set in the joint, the water retention and the wash-off performance are matched to these materials. DKWALL can be used for joints from 5 to 30 mm in interior and exterior areas, on walls only, in dry, intermittently wet and wet areas.