Cementitious continuous floor resistant to abrasion

• To use for continuous floors
• Internal and external use*
• Rapid setting, traffic in short time
• Resistant to abrasion and use
• Good resistance to slipperiness*
• Available in different finishes and colors
• Permeable to vapor
• UV resistant - aging resistant
• Resistant to frost and salts
• Thickness from 6 to 30 mm
• Easy to apply
• EN 13813 CT-C40-F10-AR 0.5
* Read technical data sheet

VARIOPLAN-HD is self-levelling cementitious mortar, resistant to abrasion for application of cementitious and continuous floors, conforming to EN 13813 CT-C40-F10-AR 0,5. It a component of the system VARIOPLAN-HD


VARIOPLAN-HD is a coating system for abrasion resistant continuous floors, applicable on screeds, concrete, and on top of old tiles. It is installed in shops, offices, homes, garages and basements, which require a smooth, continuous, wear-resistant surface that is aesthetically different from that obtainable with other more common systems (tiles, PVC, resins etc.).