Rapid setting and rapid hardening mortars for reparation of concrete degraded structures

BENFECURE-VARIO-10 and BENFERCURE-VARIO-40 are antisag cement based mortars with the following properties:

• Cement based mortars classified R4, rapid setting and rapid hardening, for reparation of horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete structures
• Water impermeable, it prevent reinforcing steel corrosion
• Impede the passage of CO2
• Cure with low shrinkage and without cracks even under dynamic load
• Resistant to frost and de-icing salts
• For voids from 2 to 40 mm depth, maximum grain size: 0,6 mm
• Thanks to rapid setting and rapid hardening allows to make small jobs in one day
• Easy to smooth with float or sponge
• Water vapor permeable


Conforms to:
EN 1504-3 CLASS R4, repair and structural recovery of concrete
EN 1504-2 protection of concrete



BENFECURE-VARIO-10 and BENFERCURE-VARIO-40 are thixotropic mortars used for renovation of horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surface profiles in thickness up to 40 mm and for reparation of concrete structures under dynamic load (under roadways, concrete rails). They are suitable for reparation of pillars, of defects like gravel pockets, ramps and industrial floors. Thanks to their properties they allow fast and easy operation because it is not necessary a corrosion inhibitor application to reinforcing steel, there is no need for an additional smoothing mortar and can be finished with a breathable paint after 3 hours only.