Rapid setting flexible adhesive for marble, granite and natural stone laying

• Extra-white and flexible
• Quick-setting
• Does not stain natural stone
• Avoids the warping of reassembled tiles
• Can be spread in a layer of up to 20 mm
• Supports even the heaviest tiles
• Ideal for heated screed
• Tested in accordance with EN 12004, C2 FE
• FLEXIBLE, deformability > 2 mm


Extra-white powder adhesive consisting of high-strength cements, graded particle size aggregates, synthetic resins and special additives. It has been formulated and developed for rapid, reliable installation of almost all marble, granite, natural stone, marble agglomerate and tiles in composite marble with polyester resins or cements. Its ability to chemically bind the majority of the water in the mix, together with very rapid setting and hydration eliminate the risk of irreversible staining of the slabs and prevent possible deformation of reconstituted tiles.